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18 Jul 2024

AnyDesk Hacked, Users Urged to Immediately Reset Passwords 

On Friday, AnyDesk, a well-known provider of remote desktop software, confirmed a breach in their production systems. The company swiftly urged users to reset their passwords due to unauthorized access by hackers. While AnyDesk assured users that the breach was not related to ransomware, it acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and the potential impact on user security.

There is limited technical information available as AnyDesk is collaborating with CrowdStrike to investigate the breach. However, the compromise included source code and private code signing keys, which raises concerns about the integrity of the system.

To address the breach, AnyDesk took immediate action by revoking security certificates, replacing compromised systems, and initiating new code signing certificates. The company also revoked all passwords associated with its web portal,, and urged users to change their passwords, especially if they are used across multiple platforms.

While user devices have not been affected, it is important to remain vigilant. AnyDesk emphasizes the importance of using the latest software version with enhanced security features.

Reports of compromised account credentials on illicit forums highlight the broader privacy and security implications. This breach underscores the need for strong cybersecurity practices and proactive measures from both organizations and individuals.

Users are advised to follow best practices, such as regularly updating passwords and implementing multi-factor authentication. Collaborative efforts are essential to mitigate risks and maintain the integrity of the digital ecosystem.

In conclusion, AnyDesk’s breach highlights the ongoing threat of cyber attacks. By prioritizing security and taking proactive measures, users can protect their digital assets and online interactions.

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